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The Curve Restorer was developed by Dr. Calvin Hargis, a Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist, with thirty years of clinical experience in spinal treatment.

Calvin Hargis is a 1980 magna cum laude graduate of Palmer Chiropractic School. He is a patented inventor with various braces currently in production.

Developed by Dr. Calvin Hargis and Hill Laboratories, the Curve Restorer Exercise Device targets weak, tight or painful muscles of the neck and upper back to alleviate neck and upper back pain, fatigue, TMJ, headaches, neck stiffness and arthritis.
Curve Restorer Exercise…reduce pain and increase performance
"Long hours of computer and desk work, bumpy and stressful commuting, accidents or stomach sleeping can stress and injure the spine creating weak, tired or spastic muscles in the neck and upper back. Pain, lost spinal motion, restless sleep, poor concentration, headache, TMJ and degenerative changes of spinal joints and discs can result! The Curve Restorer Exercise Device is specifically designed to relieve spinal pain, stiffness and muscle tension while improving spinal flexibility. The CR is unique as it simultaneously stretches and exercises the muscles of the neck and upper back. No other device offers this duel combination of soothing therapies that can be performed in the comfort of your own home to diminish spinal complaints in just minutes a day."

xray of curve restorer userCurve Restorer Spinal Enhancement…improve spinal curvature
"A second and very important function of the Curve Restorer is the function of spinal curve enhancement! Normally the spinal bones of the neck, (known scientifically as the cervical spine), has a nice forward (lordotic) curvature that places the head in a balanced position directly over the bodies centerline. This line in a balanced individual with good posture centers the ear over the mid shoulder, hip and ankle.
before and after curve restorerHowever, injury and stress can result in lost or reversed neck (kyphotic), curvature. Many chronic pain sufferers have spinal curve loss and don't even realize it. Curve loss resulting in poor posture and forward head carriage can shift the head several inches forward of the bodies center line.

The heads weight is equivalent to that of a 12 pound bowling ball. If correctly balanced over the bodies midline the muscles of the neck and upper back work minimally to stabilize and move the head. Now imagine the head carried forward and out of balance, constantly overworking the muscles of the neck and upper back and requiring those support muscles to pull much harder to hold the head from toppling forward. Forward head displacement greatly increases the force on the delicate structures of the neck straining and irritating spinal joints, discs, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Curve loss and forward head displacement is a fundamental cause of neck pain, upper back fatigue, tension headache and spinal stress resulting in degenerative changes of the spine.

With its elasticized resistance strap and spring steel coils the Curve Restorer is specifically designed to stretch the spinal curvature to ensure positioning the neck a more normal lordotic spinal position while simultaneously performing strengthening of the muscles of the neck and upper back to strengthen and enhance normal spinal posture. Overtime positive changes in spinal curvature can be achieved to minimize the work needed by the spinal muscles. Therefore the Curve Restorer is unique in its ability to strengthen the muscles of the neck and back while reducing muscle tension and stiffness and improving spinal structure!"
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